Friday, February 14, 2014

Just for Fun

Don't Try this at Home 
(Pin is in Far - Top-  Right Hand Corner. Barely Visible)
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Devastation in Florida! 
Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen "Gravity" Don't Watch.  

Spieth Wins Round 1 Match Play 
Spieth Wins Round 2 Match Play 
 Spieth Wins Round 3 Match Play  
Final WGC
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Golf is a Contact Sport Too!

Part 1
Rory Reacts to Hitting Spectator (Guy on Right Cringes)
Bet you can't Guess what Happened to Spectator?

Part 2 
Fell in Jumping Cactus. Good thing she had her Car Keys. 

Part 3
Can you Count the Cactus Removal Tools?

See... Golf is Fun to Watch.

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Alert: WGC Starts Tomorrow
PGA Tournaments usually start on Thursday.  This Week WGC Starts on Wednesday.
It's a special Match Play Format. So Bets need to be in by Tonight

Highlights of Last Years Final Round:


 Teen Superstar

A Look Back 2013


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