Sunday, May 25, 2014

Plane Crash / Dog Fight - BMW (LIve Now - Golf Channel)


Rory Mcilroy Ended his Relationship
Caroline Wozniaki
He pushed back tears in his Pre-Game press conference.
Rumor has it she wanted to get married and he wasnt ready.
Jeez! Enough Pressure with Golf.
He's 24 for Chist's Sake.
Needs to relax and Enjoy Being Young.
His Chances of Winning this Week
Did Not Look Good
7 Shots Back This Morning.
But That's Just the Beginning of the Story!

Bjorn Borg Began the Final Round of the BMW with a 4 Shot Lead.

Then Came the 6th Hole
 Triple Bogie
Lead Shot to Hell

Rory Then Birdies 2 Straight
Including This Long Put
1 Off The Lead

Then Lowry Hooks It in The Trees

Rory in Trouble on 14
Sticks His Chip

Lowry Double Bogie

3 Way Tie!

My Roommate Rhonda Bet Lowry $5 @ 125-1 to Win $625
I Talked her out of it!
I'm Screaming Shank at Lowry on Every Hole.

Lowry Birdie 1 Shot Lead (-13)
Lowry Bogies 15
Missed it by a Hair
 Rory Saves Par on 16


Rory Crushes Tee Shot on 17!

Rory For The Lead?
Sinks It! (-13)  Rory Leads!

 RoryTee Shot 18
Dead Solid Perfect!
2nd Shot Par 5 18th
 In the Bunker
Lowry Misses Birdie Put on 17

Rory From the Bunker
Inside 4 Feet!
The Stadium is Quiet
As Rory Approaches his Put on the Final Hole.
 This Would Give Him a 2 Shot Lead
Drains It!

Pleasure and Pain
Paint His face.

Just Lost his Lover. About to Win a Major?

Dark Clouds Fill The Sky Over Head
Lowry Has 2 Shots for Eagle to Tie
Way Right!
 Last Chance for Lowry
Must Chip In to Tie
30 Feet Short

Thank God. Rhonda Would Have Killed Me.

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Anonymous said...

Ya darn right I would've lol, Trigga here but he still came close at least ;)